We are Cooperate Governance Unit (CGU)

CGU is a department within the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC), set up in terms of Section 5 of the Public Entities Corporate Governance Act, Chapter 10:31, (PECG Act).

CGU provides a centralised oversight, advisory and support mechanism that guides public entities on corporate governance matters.

The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC)

The Corporate Governance Unit was established in accordance with the law relating to the Civil Service as a department within the Office of the President and Cabinet


The OPC is mandated to provide strategic policy direction, coordination, monitoring, advisory oversight, planning and realization of efficient service delivery of government ministries and departments.


A results-oriented Government with a culture of quality service delivery for all by 2030.


To lead the entire Government machinery in the formulation, advocacy, coordination, monitoring , evaluation and implementation of policies, programs and projects for quality service delivery and socio-economic development.

State Enterprises and Parastatals (SEPs) Registered
9 +
Statutory Bodies
9 +
Constitutional Commissions
Universities and colleges

Head of the CGU


Mr. A. Choruma

In accordance with Section 5(2) of the PECG Act, CGU is headed by a Permanent Secretary, assisted by the Chief Director, Directors, Deputy Directors and other members of staff appointed from time to time to ensure that the Unit performs its statutory obligations.


“An entity whose operations or activities are substantially controlled by the State or by a person on behalf of the State, whether through ownership of a majority of shares in the entity or otherwise, and includes:-

Who can register?

In terms of Section 5(e) of the PECG Act, the Corporate Governance Unit maintains an up to date comprehensive directory or database accessible to all line Ministries, entity Boards, Chief Executive Officers and Secretaries to enable them to have a pool for identifying suitably qualified candidates for appointment to boards of entities.

What age groups can apply:

The database is not restricted to any professional field. Zimbabwean citizens above 18 years are free to log onto the database to register as prospective board members or to update their current information.

Where can one apply:

Registration can be done for free on the following platform: www.cgu.pfms.gov.zw

In case of challenges contact :

Should prospective board members experience any challenges in accessing the above platform, they can contact the CGU on E- mail: corpgovernanceunit1@gmail.com

Important Documents


An Act to provide for the governance of public entities in compliance with Chapter 9 of the Constitution.

Compliance Assessment Report

Assessment of corporate governance practices by SEPs in Zimbabwe


The National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) is aimed at realising the country’s Vision 2030.